Virtual Dental Consultation: The Role of Information Technologies in Dental Care

The dental industry in 2020 is adapting to the new normal brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Nationwide lockdowns earlier in the year restricted the free movement of citizens, with only essential workers allowed until a gradual re-opening of the country. Until we have a vaccine, the emphasis is on hygiene (handwashing) and social distancing. Dental professionals, in the meantime, are leveraging information technologies to bridge the gap in clinical continuity.

If you need a periodontist in Sugar Land, Dr. Bret Dyer of Fort Bend Periodontics and Implantology offers free virtual dental consultations.

Why Oral Health Is Critical

Good oral health is essential to our overall health and well-being in many ways. Tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease result from poor dental hygiene, such as inadequate or improper brushing and flossing habits. In severe cases, these problems lead to pain, bleeding gums, and partial or total tooth loss. Moreover, our teeth are prominent features that affect our overall appearance. Bad breath (halitosis) and discolored or broken teeth are some of the most common issues many people face that can diminish their self-confidence. According to data from KFF, the majority of states in the US don’t have sufficient dental care health professionals, as well as financial barriers that discourage seeking urgent dental care they need. 

Barriers to Dental Care

One of the main barriers to quality dental care is finance. The total cost of getting treatment can run into thousands of dollars, including consultation fees, surgical procedure costs, and even transportation. These costs can discourage people from seeking help and instead resorting to over-the-counter medication. “Teledentistry” has emerged as a beneficial option for dentists and patients alike.

How Teledentistry Can Help

Teledentistry is the use of telecommunications systems, such as internet-enabled mobile devices and computers, to aid dentists in diagnosing and treating clients. Thanks to video-based technology, a patient can have a virtual dental consultation with a dental practitioner to discuss problems they face and learn more about treatments and payment options before proceeding to have surgery if need be. This way, patients can reduce the number of trips they make to a clinic. It’s a great way to promote Social distancing protocols during the pandemic without neglecting your teeth!

Free Virtual Dental Consultation With Dr. Bret Dyer in Sugar Land

Dr. Bret Dyer of Fort Bend Periodontics and Implantology offers a free virtual dental consultation to address all your oral care needs. We know getting access to quality care can be challenging for many patients, so we’re always available to listen and put your mind at ease!

Our free virtual dental consultation with Dr. Bret Dyer is through a secure platform that is approved by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). It gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have, learn about the available treatments, and discover flexible payment plans tailored to your needs and budget.

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