Minimally Invasive Laser Gum
Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

If you are suffering from a gum infection or bone loss around your teeth, visit us to learn about our latest laser technology, and how it can effectively treat your gums with reduced pain and faster recovery. Unlike traditional perio surgery, laser gum treatment reduces the need for repeated surgery and increases teeth retention over time.

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Laser Treatment is Less Painful With Lasting Results

Minimally Invasive

Regenerates Lost Bones

Eliminates Bacteria

Promotes Tissue Growth

Laser Technology = No Scalpel = Less Pain + Faster Recovery

Laser Gum TherapyTraditional Osseous Surgery
Procedure TypeMinimally InvasiveInvasive Surgery
Pain & Swelling24 h Pain + Less Swelling1-2 Weeks Pain + More Swelling
Bone RegenerationYesNo
Appearance In Long RunNatural LookTeeth Look Longer
Function in Long RunNatural FunctionSensitivity Returns
Infection Return RateRarelyCommonly
Molar Retention Rate90% Functional in 10 Years
Failure in 3-5 Years and Will
Eventually Lose Molars
Long-Term Tooth LossNoneTooth Loss w/ Repeated Surgery
Long Term QualityBetter Long-Term QualityHigher Failure Rate in Long Run
CostAround $4000 One TimeAround $2000 Multiple Times
Expense DistributionFull Expense Up FrontMore Expensive Over Time

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