Laser gum therapy in Sugar Land, TX

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that some of your teeth were looking a bit longer than usual, with spaces between the gums and teeth? Are you frequently experiencing sharp pain in your teeth when you drink hot or cold fluids? Chances are you may have receding gums.

According to research, More than half of the U.S. population has one or more areas with gum recession. Common causes include poor dental hygiene, genetics, aggressive brushing, as well as improper tooth eruption. When the gums recede, the gaps that form allow disease-causing bacteria to accumulate, causing infection, damage to soft tissues, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

There are a variety of dental procedures for treating gum recession in children and adults. One of the most effective treatments is minimally-invasive laser gum therapy. In this procedure, your periodontist uses a laser to kill disease-causing bacteria deep beneath the gum line as well as recontouring the gums and removing devitalized tissue to encourage healthy tissue growth. The procedure is safe, time-efficient, and permanently improves the quality of your smile.

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Tissue Growth


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