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Carrie’s gums were receding and was surprised with how quickly and painlessly Dr. Dyer fixed them. Now she recommends him and the procedure to everyone.
Glenn felt confident in the treatment he was getting and was able to relax while Dr. Dyer placed his dental implants. The days of stressing over dentist appointments are over.

“The experience was a very good one. The staff was efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. The office is always immaculate.”

Fennoyee Thomas

“Dr. Dyer and his staff were so kind and very honest about how they can help me. He listened and addressed all of my concerns.”

Trechell Pierson

“My dental cleaning was great. My teeth feel super clean. My dental hygienist was very. Kind and gentle. She did an outstanding job. Love her!”

Theresa Chambers

Tony is not usually a fan of visiting the dentist but he’s happy to see Dr. Dyer and his welcoming staff.
Dr. Dyer’s patient used to fall asleep behind the wheel. After visiting him, she no longer needs to worry about that.

“Prompt, friendly, thorough and expert treatment. Their facility was also modern and


“The best, from Dr. Bret to all the nurse assistants all the way down to the admins! A complete team work.”

Jalal Zeintoune

“Dr. Dyer has earned my confidence over the years with his pioneering implant
technology skills.”

Rabin Mahanta
Chris is very happy with Dr. Dyer and the staff. He appreciates how welcoming and thorough they were, and how he left feeling confident in his treatment.
Linda is usually very nervous when visiting the doctor, but thanks to Dr. Dyer and his team, she was able to relax and complete her treatment stress-free.
Feeling hesitant about correcting your receding gums? Listen to this raving review on how easy the process was.
Her broken tooth was extracted and replaced with dental implants. The procedure was minimally invasive and she is very satisfied.


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Fort Bend Periodontics & Implantology

Fort Bend Periodontics & Implantology