How to Fix a Gummy Smile

Are you looking for help to fix your gummy smile? Dr. Bret Dyer of Fort Bend Periodontics and Implantology in Sugar Land, TX offers the best gummy smile treatment services in TX. Read on to learn more about gummy smiles and how to fix them today.

Gummy Smile

What is a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile is when a person smiles, laughs, or grins and it exposes too much gum tissue. According to research, gummy smiles are more common in women than men. Although it is not a medical problem, a gummy smile is often a source of worry or insecurity for many people, mostly due to its appearance. In many cases, people with gummy smiles say it makes them feel more self-conscious in public.

What Causes Gummy Smiles?

Gummy smiles are typically caused by genetics. The underlying reasons include improper teeth and jawbone development, a short upper lip that causes overexposure of the gums and teeth, or overgrowth of the maxilla (the maxilla is a bony structure in the skull that allows for biting and chewing). Other causes are Gingival overgrowth (overgrowth of gum tissues around the teeth), an upper lip that moves too high when a person smiles, laughs, or grins, as well as the improper eruption of the teeth, causing the teeth to be too short, and thus exposing too much gum tissue.

The Most Effective Treatments for Gummy Smiles

gummy smile
If you have any of the above symptoms and would like to correct your gummy smile, seek help from a qualified dental professional, such as an orthodontist or periodontist. Your dentist will first examine your teeth and perform an X-ray to determine what is causing the gummy smile, then prescribe the most effective treatment(s). The following are common gummy smile treatments:
Orthodontic treatment (gummy smile surgery): If a gummy smile is due to improper teeth and jawbone development, surgery can be performed on the jaws to re-contour and adjust the maxillae for a significantly reduced appearance of the gummy smile. An orthodontist may use surgical devices to move the teeth into the right position and lengthen the crown to expose less gum. Note that surgical procedures require anesthesia and a hospital stay for proper recovery.
Gingivectomy: This treatment is prescribed when the gummy smile is caused by too much gum tissue. A periodontist surgically removes portions of gum tissue to reveal more of the teeth and reduce the appearance of a gummy smile.
Laser Gum Contouring: Laser treatment provides a long-lasting solution for gummy smile correction. Here, your periodontist will first desensitize your oral cavity with local anesthesia and use a laser to remove the excess gum tissue. Laser gum contouring is relatively quick and painless, with a high rate of patient satisfaction, and recovery takes only a few days to a week.

Get Gummy Smile Treatment in Sugar land TX

If you’re looking for a periodontist in Sugar Land, TX to treat your gummy smile, look no further than Dr. Bret Dyer of Fort Bend Periodontics and Implantology. Dr. Dyer is an experienced periodontist with decades of experience in treatments for cavities, dental disorders, as well as cosmetic procedures. To learn more about our services, please contact us or call us at (281) 980-2344.

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