Periodontist in Sugar Land: Getting Help For Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are a common dental issue affecting both adults and children. However, since it causes pain and discomfort while performing everyday activities, it could be challenging to get through each day. Fortunately, you can get professional assistance for managing tooth sensitivity, regardless of how long it has persisted. Fort Bend Periodontics and Implantology in Sugar Land, TX, offers dental treatments with cutting-edge technologies at affordable costs to suit your needs and budget. This article will shed more light on the causes of tooth sensitivity, symptoms, as well as treatment methods for managing the condition.   

What is Tooth Sensitivity and What Are the Symptoms?

Tooth sensitivity, also known as dentin hypersensitivity, is a dental condition where an individual experiences pain in the teeth due to some form of stimuli, such as cold or hot temperatures. Pain from sensitive teeth usually occurs when performing everyday activities, such as biting, chewing, brushing, and eating. For example, the person may feel a sharp pain whenever they have a cold drink, chew gum, or even while brushing or flossing their teeth. These triggers usually cause pain at the tooth root and whether it occurs occasionally or regularly varies from person to person.

Periodontist in Sugar Land: What Are The Main Causes of Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity can result from a variety of factors. The most common causes are worn-down tooth enamel or tooth roots being exposed. Other factors that could contribute to hypersensitivity include naturally shrinking gums (common in older patients), brushing too hard, or consuming highly acidic foods and drinks. Tooth sensitivity may also indicate the presence of cavities (tooth holes due to bacteria feeding on food particles in the mouth), cracked teeth, or a thin enamel. If you or a loved one is experiencing tooth sensitivity, you should visit a dentist or periodontist to examine your teeth and prescribe treatments to treat or manage the condition.

Treatment and Management Techniques For Tooth Sensitivity

The most common ways to remedy or alleviate the pain associated with tooth sensitivity include over-the-counter (OTC) medication or using toothpaste specially formulated to cater to sensitive teeth. Alcohol-free mouthwash and fluoride-based toothpaste may also help ease tooth sensitivity pain with regular use. Note, however, that the most suitable treatment depends on your dentist or periodontist’s assessment of the causative factors. In cases where tooth sensitivity causes patients severe pain, the dental professional may perform a root canal, involving the removal of infected pulp and nerves within the root of the teeth. However, surgery is usually done using anesthesia to block the pain receptors of the teeth and gums, making it an almost painless procedure with mild discomfort.

Periodontist in Sugar Land: Contact Dr. Bret Dyer to Get Rid of Tooth Sensitivity Today!

Based in Sugar Land, TX, Fort Bend Periodontics and Implantology with Dr. Dyer and his team offer dental consultations and cutting-edge treatments for a plethora of dental issues including tooth sensitivity. Dr. Dyer is a highly experienced periodontist with decades of experience in the field specializing in treatments for cavities, dental disorders, as well as cosmetic procedures. For more information concerning our services, please contact us online or call 281-980-2344.

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