Hybridge Dental Implants: All You Need to Know About the Process

Dental implants are less visible than traditional teeth and can enhance the appearance of your smile. Dentures or implants can provide support and stability for your teeth, allowing you to smile confidently and enjoy eating and talking without worry. However, typical procedures for installing dentures can take several months. That’s where the Hybridge procedure comes in. With shorter treatment times and shorter times spent without teeth, patients have one more reason to fix their smiles right away.

If you have questions about the dental implant process, don’t hesitate to contact us at Fort Bend Periodontics & Implantology. Our dental experts will answer any questions and help you choose the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.

Benefits of The Hybridge Procedure

Hybridge is a fast, simple, and affordable dental implant procedure. It’s performed under local anesthesia and doesn’t require overnight hospitalization. After the surgery, patients can eat normally and resume normal activities the next day. Implants can last a lifetime with routine care. The implant process is highly accurate and results in natural-looking teeth. This procedure can help improve the appearance of your smile and the way your jawbone moves when you speak or laugh.

How Does It Work?

Dental implants are inserted under local anesthesia, and the teeth are attached. Over time, the dental implant becomes part of the jawbone, providing stability and support for teeth. A dental implant may be your best option if you have damaged or lost teeth. It can help restore your teeth’ natural look and function, allowing you to smile confidently without worrying about missing teeth or tooth-related problems.

Preparation For Surgery

Before getting a dental implant, you should make an appointment with Fort Bend Periodontics and Implantology. A consultation is required to discuss the implant options and final plans for the surgery. Dr. Dyer or Dr. Nguyen will examine your oral health, jawbone health, and jaw size before recommending what specific implant would best suit your needs and conditions. After the surgery, you will return for low-level laser therapy. This treatment helps your healing occur faster and reduces any swelling.

After Surgery

After your dental implant surgery, it’s vital to follow a few simple steps to help ensure healing success. Stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Doing this will help reduce the chance of developing dehydration and help your implant heal optimally. Taking Vitamin D3 supplements has been shown to help bone healing after implant surgery. Besides following these simple steps, visiting your dentist regularly for check-ups and necessary repairs or adjustments is vital.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

As with any dental procedure, there are some risks involved in Hybridge procedures. However, these risks are often minor. These include bleeding, infection, and bone loss around the implants. So, before considering Hybridge as an option for replacing your teeth, it’s essential to consult a competent and qualified dentist specializing in this procedure to discuss the benefits and risks involved.

Hybridge: Contact Fort Bend Periodontics and Implantology

Teeth in a day is an excellent option for replacing teeth that have been lost. These artificial teeth are designed to function like natural teeth. After surgery, you will experience minimal discomfort and can return home and resume your normal activities. 

Dr. Dyer and Dr. Nguyen are highly experienced periodontists that can provide cutting-edge Hybridge procedures in Sugar Land, TX. 

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