Your Options With Teeth Restoration

Dr. Bret Dyer talks about teeth restoration and the options available to you.

If your teeth are suffering from bone loss, decay, or a fracture – dental implants aren’t your only option. Before making the decision with your periodontist understand alternatives to dental implants and the opportunity to possibly keep your original teeth. 

Regenerative Procedures

A common reason for thinking you may need dental implants is significant bone and gum recession. As an alternative, your periodontist may be able to use a regenerative procedure instead. These regenerative procedures can reverse some of the gum damage by regenerating lost bone and tissue and prevent the need for implants. 

During this procedure, your periodontist folds back the gum tissue and removes the bacteria. Next, tissue-stimulating proteins can be used to around the teeth to encourage your body’s natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue. 

Crown Lengthening

Sometimes teeth do not stick out enough above the gum to support a filling or crown. Crown lengthening is a procedure that exposes more of your teeth by reshaping the gums. Crown lengthening can be used when a tooth breaks, a crown or filling falls out or there’s severe tooth decay below the gum line. 

To place a filling or crown, your dentist needs to expose more of the tooth, by removing gum tissue. The procedure can often be performed in less than one hour by your periodontist with only the tissue that is in the immediate area surrounding the tooth being treated.

Gum Disease Treatment And Braces

If you suffer from periodontal disease there are multiple treatment options to consider. The team at Fort Bend periodontics and Implantology makes it a priority to investing in state-of-the-art technology and staying at the leading edge of new techniques. 

 Dr Dyer and his staff are experienced with treating gum disease using laser surgery, perio tray or pinhole surgery. After gingivitis or periodontitis has been treated you can consider braces. Braces can help prevent the future development of gingivitis or periodontitis by straightening the teeth and correcting the bite. 

Regular Oral Maintenance

With a combination of daily oral hygiene and professional maintenance care, you’ll increase the chances of keeping your natural teeth – and decrease the chances of other health problems associated with periodontal disease

From gum disease treatment to tooth replacement Dr. Dyer and the team at Fort Bend Periodontics and Implantology are committed to helping their patients improve their oral and overall health. If you have any questions about dental implants or alternatives reach out to us today!

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