Treating Gum Recession & Disease with Surgery

Blonde young woman smiles and laughs while standing in a field on a sunny day, happy she has treated her gum disease Your gums are one of the most important parts of your mouth and it’s important that you keep them healthy. If you notice any signs of gum recession or gum disease, come in to see us so we can figure out what’s causing your dental issues. (Check out our May blog post to learn how to spot gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease.) If you have extensive gum recession or have advanced to the periodontitis stage of gum disease, you may need surgery to fix your gums. At Fort Bend Periodontics and Implantology, we provide treatment for receding gums and gum disease to get your oral health back on track. Two such procedures include the Pinhole® Surgical Technique and laser gum surgery; here, we explain what these gum treatments entail.

Treating Gum Recession

Dr. Dyer is a certified Pinhole Surgical Technique clinician. This innovative method, also called Pinhole Gum RejuvenationTM and Lunchtime Gum LiftTM, allows us to correct gum recession without the use of scalpels, sutures, and grafts. During the procedure, we’ll use specially designed tools to make a small hole in your gums, loosen the tissue, and slide your gums to cover the recession. Since we don’t use a scalpel, patients experience minimal bleeding and swelling, and a short healing time. Visit Dr. Dyer’s Pinhole informational page to view a before-and-after photo gallery, watch a short video, and discover a special offer code!

Treating Advanced Gum Disease

We proudly offer a gentle and minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum surgery: BIOLASE’s award-winning WaterLase Laser DentistryTM. Their periodontal protocol is clinically proven to encourage the regrowth of healthy gum tissue and bone. This technology blends laser energy, air, and water to allow for safe and nearly pain-free treatment of damaged gum tissue in usually just one visit. The lasers remove bacteria, tartar, and the diseased gum tissue from around your teeth to allow gum reattachment to your teeth, closing the pockets caused by inflammation and infection. Furthermore, not only does WaterLase repair your gum tissue and bone, this system promotes rapid healing and minimizes post-operative swelling and discomfort.

Your Gum Health Is Our Priority!

If you are struggling with gum recession and gum disease, come visit us so we can determine the best course of treatment to ensure you have a healthy mouth. Contact us to schedule an appointment! Schedule My Appointment

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