Making Your Dental Hygiene A Priority

Our teeth play crucial roles in our lives. Besides allowing us to bite and chew food, the teeth and oral cavities enable us to articulate words properly and give off a smile which boosts confidence and influences our interpersonal relationships. Keeping your teeth in great shape is achievable by maintaining good dental hygiene. Fort Bend Perio offers flexible payment options to help patients get the care they need!

Common Dental Problems and Health Risks

Bad breath (halitosis), bleeding or swollen gums, tooth decay, and cavities are some of the many problems caused by harmful bacteria in the mouth, resulting in gum disease (periodontitis). According to the American Dental Association, bacteria from sugar-laden foods and beverages, such as sodas and energy drinks, produce acids that begin to attack the tooth enamel as quickly as 20 minutes after consumption. According to data from the U.S. CDC, 42.7% of adults aged 30 or older in the United States suffer from periodontitis. Periodontitis causes painful inflammation of connective tissues around the teeth that may result in gum shrinkage and eventual tooth loss.

Moreover, studies have found links between gum disease and heart disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, premature births, and even dementia. Harmful bacteria from the mouth can invade the bloodstream and cause damage to vital organs. Thankfully, oral/dental diseases can be avoided by practicing good dental hygiene and having regular check-ups with a dental professional.

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